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The End may be here but we'll always love them. Even after the sun sets for the final time over Newport Beach.

Welcome to afterthessunset a community dedicated to Seth and Summer. This community is run by xworn_me_downx There are a few rules and I'd appreciate you read them before joining/posting

+DO NOT post icon posts here. They will be deleted immediately. There are plenty of icon communities for the OC on LJ such as oc_icons. For the same reason, icon/graphic requests are also not allowed.

+NO advertising communities that aren't related to The OC or any of its actors. They will be deleted. Absolutely no adverts for rating communities.

+There are no spoiler rules because there won't be anymore episodes. If you live outside the US and aren't downloading episodes or anything, I suggest you find another community as we can't keep up with where the OC is at in different countries

+No bashing other members. It will not be tolerated at all, you will be banned.

+ Always use cuts for large pictures.

+ If you have any problems or suggestions don't hesitate in contacting myself or other mods rossignol1984, titz420 and scintille

+Enjoy yourself!

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